Another school year done, thank goodness.

Photo by Kim Gorga on Unsplash

Social media feeds are filled with end-of-the-school-year photos of smiling students holding awards, graduating, sharing their A’s and B’s with the world, and other joyous moments that come along with making it through another academic year.

This is for the others…whose biggest achievement was actually making it through the school year:

To the child with crippling anxiety, I see your bravery as you face all that comes your way.

To the child battling depression, I see how hard you’re trying to hold it together.

To the child unable to focus no matter how you try, I see your struggle.

To the child whose executive functioning skills just aren’t enough, I see your want of organization.

To the child struggling with self-harm, I see you really just want the pain to end.

To the child who breaks down in tears in the mornings with the thought of having to face another school day, I see your inner battle.

To the child overwhelmed by the amount of work and has to make choices on what to complete and what to let slide, I see your desire to do your best.

To the child whose teachers aren’t willing to try to understand and have no empathy, I understand and care.

To the child whose grades don’t reflect one’s abilities, I see your frustration.

I see you.

I wish you a summer of rest and recuperation.

You’ve earned it.

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Writer. Lover of dark chocolate, coffee, tea, & being me. I’m an anxiety-ridden, bipolar 2 survivor...

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