Stress & Anxiety Leave Me Speechless

A Surprising Physical Side Effect

Photo by Ethan Haddox on Unsplash

Off I go to a specialist.

He scoped and examined me. Without skipping a beat, he said that there wasn’t any medical reason for my lack of voice, and he referred me to a speech pathologist. Really? Skepticism filled me.

As a teacher…

I must be able to communicate with my students. During the interim, I attempted to convey information to my young scholars via writing. It was a struggle…for them and for me. Several already had a lack of reading skills; my heart went out to them. Surprisingly, they were quite patient with me.

Cyrus-Tyler Mashup

Now what?

Through guided speaking, breathing and relaxation exercises, I rediscovered my voice. I gradually relearned how to breathe and how to breathe while speaking. I practiced breathing…and practiced breathing while speaking…until it became natural again. During my recovery, I began to sound like a cross between Steven Tyler and Miley Cyrus…a voice still hoarse, but a voice returning.

Relaxation became a much-needed goal for me.

I slowly became mindful of my body tension and breathing. Every now and then, I still catch myself holding my breath, but I now have the mindfulness and skills to maintain my voice and seek inner calmness.

Writer. Lover of dark chocolate, coffee, tea, & being me. I’m an anxiety-ridden, bipolar 2 survivor...

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