Deaf high school student assaulted by fellow football players


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Homecoming in Texas…

is nothing short of spectacular, from giant mums and garters to football to dancing to celebrating throughout the night.

Texas Homecoming mums are Texas-sized

On September 25, homecoming weekend in Millsap, TX, Trent Irwin and fellow varsity football players from the high school spent the night in a teacher’s home. This teacher has a son on the varsity football team, as well. Millsap is a tiny town, only an area of 1.5 square miles with a population of about 290, located approximately 78 miles west of Dallas.

The students did have access to alcohol, as well, but it is unclear if or how it played into the actions that took place that night.

Trent’s Silent Assault

Trent Irwin wears a cochlear implant in order to hear. At night, he removes the processor and therefore is completely deaf. During the night, Trent is awakened by one student lying atop him, another shining a light in his eyes, and yet another slapping his face to wake him. They are laughing and calling him names. Trent can hear nothing and tells them to stop and go to sleep. The harassment continues. Upon standing, he is body slammed and beaten, blood running from his eyes and nose.

Urged to Lie

The following morning, one of Trent’s “friends” attempted to manipulate him into lying about what happened, to say he fell off a RipStik. Three days later, videos surfaced — taken by those who assaulted Trent.

Trent’s Father Reaches Out

Jeremy Irwin, Trent’s father, told NBC that his son will still need multiple upcoming medical procedures, as well.

The following link is a short video interview which includes photos of Trent after the event:



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