Do You Need a 2nd Chance?

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

People screw up, mistakes are made.

I believe each day — or even each moment — one can start anew. Do better, be better. I believe in second chances.

My 2nd Chance at Life.

I was twenty years old, on my way to work, when I drove through an intersection with the permission of a green light. A cement mixer, failing to pay attention, barreled from the other direction and collided with the driver’s side of my car…resulting in my car taking flight and my consciousness being taken away.

What was left of my car.

That was the day I thought I was to die. That was the day all my hopes and dreams for my future nearly vanished.


However, through the skills and kindness of strangers with me in the ambulance, emergency room, and operating room — my life was saved.


For a long time — especially throughout the pain-staking healing process — I was boggled with the question, “Why?” Not, “Why did such a horrible event happen to me,” but “Why was my life spared?

All I could come up with was that there was more for me to do here on this earth. What could that be? Since that hot July day, I’ve graduated college, started a family, and have had a career.

I choose to spread kindness, listen, and be empathetic. Has life been roses since then? Hell, no.

I’ve had numerous chances to live and better myself, and I doubt I’m out of chances. Neither are you.

Nobody is Perfect.

My whole life was given a second chance; however, sometimes we need smaller second…or third…or more…chances.

Nobody is perfect; we screw up!
*We say or do the wrong things.
*We waste what we have.
*We value some things more than we should and other things less than we should.

I know I need a second chance sometimes, so I need to give others that same opportunity to make a change. One can always be better than he or she was yesterday — or even an hour ago — or a moment ago.

Go ahead…make a change and give someone else an opportunity to do the same.

Writer. Lover of dark chocolate, coffee, tea, & being me. I’m an anxiety-ridden, bipolar 2 survivor...

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