The Mentally Ill are Taking the Fall for Gun Violence.

Are You Brave Enough to Stand Up for Them?

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I have bipolar, and I am also a responsible gun owner.

In the past few days, I’ve been told that I should give up my gun and be on an FBI watch list.

Here comes the witch hunt…Abigail Williams accusing Elizabeth Proctor with unfounded evidence!

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U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism. See Arthur Miller and “The Crucible”.

I actively sought help for my mental health for 10 years before receiving a proper diagnosis.

Consider these evidence-based facts:

Other factors that greatly increase the risk of violent crime:

The news media have heavily influenced the public’s view of mass murders.

To be stigmatized is to be shamed, disgraced, humiliated, and defamed.

The government and media are solidifying the stigma by creating a national paranoia against the mentally ill.

Writer. Lover of dark chocolate, coffee, tea, & being me. I’m an anxiety-ridden, bipolar 2 survivor...

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